A Tribute to Winky

In January 2013, my mother and brother spoke of a stray cat, which they had never seen around before, suddenly frequently appearing around their home, that would pop-up randomly in their yard. My sister had also just temporarily moved back home at the time, and claimed she would randomly seen him as well. They began […]


There is no greater pain than withholding the truth of how lonely you really are inside. It’s said when darkness falls is when you feel the pain the most. Maybe a huge sign to never depend on anyone in the world other than yourself, is realizing even your own shadow leaves you at night, and […]

How Do You Get Over A Broken Heart?

Instead of brooding over a failed relationship, psychologist advises a couple of aspirin and distancing oneself from the event: Aspirin and a stiff upper lip are best remedies for a broken heart

I Used To Believe in a Thing Called Love…

What is the definition of “love” anyway? Apparently I’ve had it wrong all these years. What ever happened to “soul-mates”, or there being that special someone out there for everyone, or even “love at first sight”? I understand people’s lives (with work or just in general) can be busy and demanding, so meeting someone online is […]

Finding “Cait”

Whether it have been while on a job interview and asked the question, “Who is Cait?” Or when filling out any type of document that asked, “Tell Me About Yourself”… This is something I have always struggled with. I had decided my keyword for myself was “blank”. This was because most of the time, if […]