Since the industry of work I decided to go into was one that takes up the majority of my life, and I needed an outlet to still be my normal self: which basically consists of speaking overly fast, out of turn, unfiltered, as if everyone is deaf, and with a potty mouth worse than a trucker…I decided blogging would be my best option.

I’m currently 29-years-old. (Sorry, I guess I just broke the, “a woman never tells her age” rule). Although with my naturally curly blonde hair (that I will always burn to a crisp until it’s straight), and freckled nose and high cheekbones, will give the assumption I’m in my early 20’s, leaving me constantly the only one out of my friends that is still carded. They tell me to, “Stop bitching about it”, and that, “I will be thankful when I’m older.” Last time I checked, I’m about to turn 30…and that is old! (Well, to me anyway). I always thought the reason I was mistaken for being younger was because of my “overly fun personality” (that everyone immediately translates to immature, once I tell them my age).

I’ve been working in the “Entertainment Industry” since college, where I first started in Magazine Editing, then took an internship my senior year in college in TV Production, where I was sucked into and stayed for the past 7 years, until recently starting my transition over into Music Production. After graduating from the University of Connecticut, AKA: UConn (Go Huskies), I’ve worked for various TV shows owned by NBCUniversal and iTV, with the most recent being NBC Sports Network and NBC Olympics. My last TV gig was my first time not working in a studio, and breaking into the Digital Video world, where Avid and I became best friends. (If you want to know more about my Professional background, please visit my “Professional Cait” page, which will link you to my Website and Online Portfolio).

I hate talking about myself, so I’ll just give you “The Basics”: I can be the biggest sarcastic bitch you will ever meet, but also the most fun you will ever have. My name is spelt the way it is because I’m Irish. I’m a diehard Red Sox Fan, and with 13 being my favorite number, it worked out perfectly they won the World Series in 2013. I’m a huge animal lover and rescuer. (Yes, that means I am also a vegetarian…and no, it’s not a phase, I’ve been one for 8+ years now, so this will not be changing). My personal taste in music consists of: Heavy Metal, Rock, and the 80’s…with some things mixed-in between.

In my Personal or Free-Time: (Free-time? What’s that?) You can find me at home doing some type of project around my house. I love Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects, along with interior designing. When I’m not doing a project, I’ll still dabble in photography when I can, since I’ve always loved it, and I’ve kept my Nikon D90 in excellent condition. If I’m not spending time at home with my pets (I currently have 4 cats and 2 dogs), I will be out spending time with my friends, usually catching a game at a bar, or catching up over dinner and drinks (AKA: bitching about work and life, but I’ll use any excuse to eat food, because who doesn’t love food). I’m a huge wine lover, as well as Whiskey. (No, I do not need you to order me a chaser when I ask for a shot of Whiskey. If you can’t shoot Whiskey alone, just stick to sipping your girly drink, although I do enjoy a face that struggles to try and do it, and then pretend they liked it). I also starting realizing as I get older, that I rather stay in than go out, especially since the only thing really to do around my neck of the woods (no pun intended) is go “clubbing”, and the sight of young 20-year-old’s ass cheeks hanging out of long shirts they insist are “dresses” isn’t exactly my idea of fun, but a reminder that I’m an old bitch that missed out on that phase of life because I was always working.

COMPLETELY RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME: I was a Make-Up Artist for several years throughout college, working for places like MAC and Yves Saint Laurent.
I also worked in the restaurant industry and nightlife for 9 years (Perhaps where I got my fill of the, “half-naked dressed girls taking selfies” scene).

Through some recent traumatic experiences I went through, and realizing the judicial system is not always on your side, even when you are 100% innocent or the victim in a case, made blogging become more important to me than ever. There is nothing more powerful than your freedom of speech, and getting to voice your opinion and rant your feelings to the world, especially with all the available Social Media outlets we have today. Since writing has always been important to me, and I was affected over recent particular topics being discussed in the media because of what I had personally gone through, I decided to start multiple blogs pertaining to those topics, with one main goal in mind: to make a positive change in this world…not only for me, but that I had an obligation to those who had also been where I had.